DIAMONDLIGHTS™ Starry Projector Light

We know exactly how it feels like to be stuck at home during COVID_19 pandemic

Depressed, tired, bored...

Light Up Your Next Event With DIAMONDLIGHTS™

Spark More Engagement at Your Next Party

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DIAMONDLIGHTS™ was discovered by a group of passionate innovators who longed to produce innovative, affordable and high quality lights that illuminate any occasion, at an affordable price!

During the COVID_19 Pandemic we recognized the need for products that would satisfy our customers without having to leave the house.

The DIAMONDLIGHTS™ Starry Projector Light uses revolutionary technology that will show you the wonders of the galaxies. 
This serene ambiance creates a space to relax, sleep, meditate, or watch movies while experiencing the cosmic wonders of the world with friends and family, in the safety of your own homes.

You don't have to be bored at home

Be creative with your DIAMONDLIGHTS™ Projector

Your Starry projector provides you with a range of 21 COLORS to transform your room into a galactic experience by projecting a sea of stars in moving clouds.

Choose colors or combinations of your choice that are compatible with your mood, whether it is to relax or to party while listening to your choice of music with the products built-in bluetooth speaker.

Don't miss the opportunity to picture special moments with family, friends or just on your own!

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"I love using this product for gatherings in my home. It makes everything a little special." Jasmine B.

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